What kind of services does Brook1 offer?

Brook1 is an online shopping portal that aims to be a link to provide various products in the Kingdom of Morocco. Brook1 essentially connects customers with the best online suppliers to ensure the best deals.

How do I register?

You can register on the site by clicking on the registration icon at the top of the site and determine if you want to register as a visitor to the site or registration as a merchant and then you will find a new account registration form that has some blank boxes, which you must fill in the correct form and then click on I agree to the terms of privacy (You can read the terms by clicking on the Privacy icon at the bottom of the site) and then clicking on the follow - up to receive a message certainly on your e - mail that you registered and so congratulations you join us.

How do I browse products on the site?

Our site is easy to find the product you are looking for where you can browse our newest products by clicking on the icon of the latest products at the top of the site as well as you can browse the products through the categories where we have many different categories through which you can find the right product for you.

How do I order a product?

With us you can get the product you want easily All you need is to click on the word (Add to cart) under the product and then go to your shopping cart you will find the product you ordered and from here you can choose the quantity you want to order and shipping method and payment as you can Use the discount vouchers and gifts we offer to our discerning customers and do not forget to fill your shipping details so that the product will be shipped as soon as possible to your address. Then click on the End Request icon.

How can I communicate with the management of the site?

You can always contact us through our contact information located below the site or click on the icon Contact us below the site and you will be redirected to our contact page with the contact details as well as the contact form which you can send us your message.